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Trackify - Your Spotify Listening Statistics


Understanding Trackify

Trackify is an app designed for Spotify users to analyze their listening habits. It provides insights into most played songs, genre preferences, and listening patterns.

Trackify's Analytics Features

The app's core feature is its analytics, offering detailed analysis of your Spotify usage. It helps users understand their musical preferences and discover patterns in their listening habits.

Trackify Plus Plan

Trackify Plus is a lifetime purchase plan available for $4.79 USD. It offers enhanced features such as:

All these features are aimed at providing Spotify users with a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of their listening habits, processed securely through Stripe.

Overall Functionality

Trackify boasts a user-friendly interface and seamless Spotify integration. It enhances the Spotify experience without interrupting the music flow.

Trackify Pros and Cons

While Trackify is valued for its analytics, it is noted for limited social sharing features. It remains a top tool for Spotify users.

Users can sign up for a free account to begin tracking immediately through login with Spotify.

Additional features include analytics, tracks, users, and plus users.

Users can access their stats for Spotify via the Trackify website or Discord community.

Overall opinion

Trackify is a web application that allows users to view their exact Spotify listening time, stream count, and top tracks through integration with their Spotify account. It offers real-time analytics beyond the annual summary provided by Spotify Wrapped. With over 60,144 users and adherence to GDPR and CCPA, Trackify provides a more comprehensive way to track listening history.

Trackify, along with "Spotify Pie," offers Spotify users an interesting view of their listening habits. Trackify's Plus plan enhances this experience with a one-time purchase, ensuring lifetime access to its full capabilities, making it a compelling choice for Spotify enthusiasts.

Trackify alternative

For a visual representation of your musical tastes, Spotify Pie complements Trackify by providing a pie chart of your top 20 artists and their genres based on your Spotify history.