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Obscurify: Judge My Spotify and Explore Your Music Taste

By Ruslan Rocks - Updated: May, 13 2024


Are you a music aficionado looking to delve deeper into your musical preferences? Obscurify offers a unique window into your listening habits, allowing you to discover just how unique or mainstream your taste in music is. This innovative platform uses Spotify's Web API to analyze your streaming history, providing a comprehensive breakdown of your top genres, artists, and tracks.

Obscurify Obscurify

Unveiling Your Musical Identity

Obscurify doesn't just stop at showing you what you like; it compares your taste with others, giving you a score that reflects the uniqueness of your music preferences. If your playlists are filled with chart-toppers like Drake or Kanye West, you might find your score hovering around the average. But if your ears are tuned to less-known artists, your score might just tip the scale towards the obscure.

More Than Just Numbers

The platform goes beyond mere stats for Spotify. It crafts a personalized playlist based on your listening history, which you can add to your Spotify library. It also dissects the moods of your music, rating tracks on their happiness, danceability, energy, and acousticness. This insight can help you understand the emotional landscape of your favorite tunes.

A Glimpse into Your Music Decades

Obscurify also offers a nostalgic trip through time by showing you which decades dominate your listening habits. Are you stuck in the groovy '70s, or are you riding the waves of today's hits? This feature provides a fun reflection on how your music taste aligns with different eras.

How to Discover Your Obscurify Score

Curious about where you stand? Here's how to get your Obscurify stats:

  • Visit the Obscurify website ( and log in with your Spotify account.
  • Allow the site to analyze your Spotify data.
  • Review your score and detailed music breakdown.
  • Explore the graphs comparing your taste with others globally.
  • Check out your most obscure artists and tracks.
  • Understand the moods of your music with the detailed mood analysis.
  • Discover which music decades you're most aligned with.

Top Artist's Songs

As you explore the depths of your music taste with Obscurify, you might stumble upon new favorite tracks or rediscover old gems. Whether your taste is mainstream or off the beaten path, Obscurify offers a fun and insightful way to engage with your music on a deeper level.

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