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Spotify Premium Free: 3 Methods To Get Spotify Premium For Free Or Discounted Price

By the Music Pie Chart Team - Updated: Apr, 25 2024


If you’re trying to get Spotify Premium for free or at a discounted price, use one of these proven methods:

  1. Free trials - If you're a new Spotify user, you can sign up for a 1-month free trial of Spotify Premium. This allows you to test out the full Premium features before deciding if you want to pay. Some regions may offer extended 3-month free trial promotions as well.
  2. Student discount - Spotify offers a 50% discounted Premium subscription for students at $5.99/month in the US. This also includes a free Hulu (ad-supported) plan. You must verify your student status through SheerID. The discount lasts for up to 4 years while enrolled.
  3. Promotions: Occasionally, services like PayPal, Xbox and Microsoft offer free Spotify Premium trials for new users, typically for 3-6 months. These are limited time promotions to take advantage of and get an extended Spotify Premium free trial.
  4. Annual Subscription Discounts: Certain retailers, such as and Currys, offer Spotify Premium Gift Cards at a discounted price for a 12 month subscription. With such offers, you pay for 9 months upfront saving up to 25%.

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How To Get a Free Trial Of Spotify Premium

New Spotify users can sign up for a 1-month free trial of any Spotify Premium plan. This allows you to test out premium features like ad-free listening, offline downloads, unlimited skips, etc.

The key things to note are:

  • You can only get one free trial per Spotify account. If you've used a trial before, you won't be eligible for another on the same account.
  • After the free trial ends, your subscription will auto-renew to a paid plan unless you cancel ahead of time.

How to get Spotify's student discount for Premium

Here are the key details about Spotify's student discount for Premium:

  1. Eligible students get 50% off Spotify Premium
  2. You get full access to Premium features like ad-free listening, offline downloads, unlimited skips, high quality audio, etc.
  3. To qualify, you must be enrolled at an accredited higher education institution and verify your student status through SheerID. This may involve logging into your university portal or uploading enrolment documents.
  4. The discount lasts for up to 4 years while you remain an eligible student. You need to re-verify your status every 12 months to keep the discounted price.
  5. New student subscribers can get 1 month of Premium for free before the pricing kicks in. So you can try it out first.
  6. Payment options are limited - you can't pay via mobile billing or another third party provider. And you'll need an eligible payment method tied directly to you.

Current Spotify Premium Free Promotions from Partners

Here are some current Spotify Premium free promotions from partners:

  1. New offer from Just Eat that promoting 4 months of Spotify Premium for free for anyone who haven't tried Spotify Premium before.  Offer redeemable until 01/02/2025.
  2. New Spotify users who sign up through Microsoft Rewards and search with Bing can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free. This offer is available while supplies last and only open to users who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before.
  3. Groupon has various Spotify Premium deals and promotions, including free subscriptions, for new and existing users. Offers vary over time.
  4. A limited time offer from Tinder and Spotify targeted at Tinder's paid monthly subscribers on Android to try 3-4 months of Spotify Premium for free by redeeming through an in-app Tinder message. The offer is valid through August 2024.
  5. Websites like HotUKDeals may list discount codes or special offers that can include free Spotify Premium trials.

Annual Subscription Discounts

  • Certain retailers, such as Amazon and Currys, provide Spotify gift cards at a discount, offering a year of Premium service for the upfront cost of 9-10 months.

Regional Pricing Differences

  • Spotify Premium pricing varies significantly by country/region based on factors like market conditions and purchasing power.
  • For example, in Malaysia Spotify Premium costs around $3.60 per month, while in the Philippines it's only around $2.52 per month.
  • Users can potentially get cheaper pricing by using a VPN to sign up for Spotify from a country with lower pricing.

That's it for today.

The list of free promotions has been updated on 11th March 2024.